Why should I embrace the chains of this adversity?

This maybe a simple question to answer for you but there are people out there that ask this throughout their life. If you are one of those people that have an easy life, do not read any further. For the rest of us, I hope this sheds some light into your current situation. I hope that by the end of this, that I have inspired you and given you a better outlook on your life. We are individually unique but we each have things in common. We need to share our adversity and learn from each other.

Before we begin, my adversity is depression and I have made the decision to not give in or give up. I have only recently made this decision after many, many years of asking that same question. Many relationships have ended or been broken because of the fact that I did not embrace my depression. I could have blamed the depression for the relationships lost, but I have embraced it and have learned from it. I am more determined now than ever to rise above it and not hide behind it. Enough of that, lets answer this question in depth since that is why you are here.

Answer this for me: What would you learn if life was simple and easy? The correct response should be “Nothing”. Now I understand that some adversities are tougher than others, but that does not mean we should hide behind any of them. Adversities build character and character is a trait that can separate you from me. How we deal with adversities creates the character we portray in life to our family and friends. Unlike some traits we can not change, like freckles, we can change our character by making that one important decision. I encourage you to find that little voice that is saying “Enough is Enough!”

That little voice you hear is telling you what that important decision is. That is to dig your feet in the ground and fight to rise above this adversity. This little voice is the foundation of the greatness that resides within you. To make the little voice bigger, you need to start by making small changes in your life. You know what those changes need to be and they need to start today. Always remember, that small changes will give you the biggest result. If you try to do too much at once, you will lose focus, get discouraged and possibly give up.

If you do not know what the first thing you need to change is, I suggest sharing with others what your adversity is. Don’t go around and just tell anyone. You need to tell the people that are closest to you and that you trust the most. The more people you tell about your adversity, it will weaken the hold that it has on you. Plus, you will be building a support that you can rely on during the tough times. They will also be the same people that will share in the celebration of your accomplishments. Remember, some people might have a hard time comprehending your adversity so have patience until they understand.

Now that you have the determination and support to start the changes, take a picture. Yes you read that right. This can be an actual picture, a mental picture, a list of things that are wrong in your life, or how ever you want to do it. It has to be some form of documentation of how your life is NOW. The reason for this is to use it for a benchmark and also motivation. You need a benchmark to help determine how far you have come or ,at worse, see that you have not moved at all. This benchmark is one of the most helpful tools you will use during the whole process.

Let’s talk about how that picture is also your motivation. As we start to rise above the adversity, there will be people and things that will try their hardest to pull you right back down. This could be lies, negativity, drama, etc… These will be used to distract, discourage, and kick you down. When this happens, take all the time needed to reflect on the picture that you took. This picture shows you what the PAST was like and reminds you how far you have come. You have come this far…don’t give up now.


There will be a point during this process that you will be stronger than the adversity. When this happens, take the time to celebrate your success. Don’t get rid of that picture after your celebrations, instead hold onto it as a constant reminder of what you accomplished. This is so that when times become difficult, you will have it to reinforce what you are capable of. When you have the right mind set and right people in your life, you are able to overcome anything. Good luck!! Until my next blog post… Share. Inspire. Conquer.


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