Where’s Thanksgiving?

It is November and a lot of people are putting up their decorations for….Christmas? Wait…what?!?! It seems that we, as a society, have forgotten about it and the meaning of it. Why has everyone skipped over Thanksgiving? We must fix this so that our families can continue to grow and be strong. It took a long time for this to happen and will take a long time to fix it but we have to start sooner than later.

What is brown and orange with the wonderful smells of pumpkin pie and stuffing? That’s right, Thanksgiving. It is that wonderful time in November that we get to eat a lot of delicious food with our friends and family. It has seemed that we have forgotten about this holiday that’s after Halloween. Why do we go from Oct 31st straight to Dec 25th? I hope that we don’t do this because the big corporations have made this decision for us. I really hope that it is because we have gotten our priorities wrong. That is easier to fix than fighting the big corporations.

This is a problem that should be fixed so that our families can grow with a stronger foundation. You see a lot of broken families in the paper, news and on the internet. Years ago this was never a problem and every year that passes the number of broken families increase. The family is a place of hope, love, compassion, understanding, laughter, and more. A family is there to comfort you during your tough times and help you get back on track. A strong family will help defeat the problems that are in the world today. A strong family will provide the leaders that we need for the future.

This problem has been going on for years now and it will take years to fix but we can start to change this month. It all starts with one person to stand their ground and makes the decision to change. There is only chaos and tragedy if we continue down this path and don’t change our habits. If we start now, then our children and children’s children will continue with the change and our lives will become more complete. A complete life contains happiness, laughter, love, hope, and a true sense of purpose.

How can we fix this?

Easy. This thanksgiving ask your family and friends “What are you thankful for this year?” Don’t ask “What do you want for Christmas?” or “Do you want to go buy presents after Thanksgiving dinner?” Spend this time with your loved ones and strengthen the foundation that we all need to improve. Have a deep conservation with a family member about your challenges. You will be surprised how much they can relate to the issue and provide help. A strong foundation is able to withstand all the weight of the world.

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