Where are the men?

Violence, rape, greed, poverty, chaos, etc… The list seems to never end. There are a lot of negative things that are happening on our planet right now and someone needs to do something to create positive change. I see children reaching out to help the less fortunate and women standing up for other’s rights. This is wonderful to see and brings a lot of encouragement to others. My question is… Where are the men?


It doesn’t matter what their race, religion, or finances are. They are suppose to protect others and ensure that the best possible life can be lived. They are supposed to be the shield that keeps the women and children safe. Men are supposed to be the ‘heroes’ that overcomes the evil and saves the day. I am grateful for the women heroes in the world and for the all the men that do serve to protect us. I am talking about the rest of them, the majority, in the society and our world. We need them to stand up with our heroes.


There is nothing wrong with women working and providing for a family. The real issue is when she has to because the man is not or doesn’t want to. Imagine how different the world would be if all men would provide for their families and the less fortunate. Imagine how much happier children and women would be if men would stand strong while carrying the weight that comes from the stress of life. There is a reason that, anatomically, men were created stronger than women.


Typically, mothers are the loving and caring ones. Fathers are the ones that are strict and the enforcer. What happened?!?! Why have most men stopped teaching boys on how to be men and how to treat women? It is this generation’s responsibility to raise the next generation and teach them their mistakes so that history doesn’t repeat itself. If they are not taught, how can we expect them to make a difference? Men have been teaching children all the wrong things and it is time for this to change.

Children are brave and women are strong. If men would stand up for what is right, then children would become fearless and women would be indestructible. We don’t need better politicians, governments, or world leaders. To change the world positively, we need men to make one of the most important decisions every day…Will I stand tall for others today? The existence of the human race depends on their answer. I am calling out every man, even myself, and challenge you to answer with a resounding YES. Until my next post….Share. Inspire. Conquer.


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