What will your legacy be remembered for?

This is a legitimate question you should be asking yourself. I know that I have been since my grandmother passed away recently. She lived a long and happy life but how will I be remembered? I have been thinking back on the things that my grandmother accomplished. Every thought brings a smile to my face while encouraging me to accomplish and conquer more than I thought I could. What will your legacy be remembered for?

My grandmother was an extraordinary person. To be honest, that is an understatement but is the only word I can think of to explain her. She was love, joy, compassion and family. She was an awesome cook, gardener, friend, and person. I could go on and on writing this all about her and who she was but I want to share about one specific traits of hers. It is the only trait I have thought about since her funeral and has really opened my eyes about my own life. That trait is strength.

Not the kind you get from working out at the gym. I am talking about the strength that is found within and that everyone possesses. The kind of strength that shouts “Hell no!!!” when life and the world tells you to just give up. We all have it and had to use it at some point in our lives. I know I have but I don’t feel that’s the trait I will be remembered for. We all have that one unique trait that separates us from others. Here’s mine…

Even though I am an introvert, I am very outgoing when I see or know someone needs help. I will not hesitate to turn around, walk back to the door and open it for someone. If I know someone in my family or close to me needs help, I will help out without asking for anything in return. I have and always will put my needs or plans on hold to help someone in need. There might be many things that my family doesn’t understand when it comes to my mental health issues but there is always one thing that they know for certain. Ask me to help you and I will be there guaranteed.

Life is not about clothes, cars or money. It is also not about self-gratification, selfishness, or being self-absorbed. We tend to make life complicated when actually it is quite simple. Life is all about one thing and that is to improve. To improve your life and the life of others at the same time. My grandmother did this and so has my father and his siblings. I intend to care this tradition into the future. So I ask you once again…

What will you be remembered for?


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