Weekly Check-up #2: Love

Welcome back to the Weekly Check-up. If you missed last weeks, you can check it out here. With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, I wanted to share my thoughts about love.


It’s one of our most searched for desires and yet it’s also one of the hardest things we can show towards others. We are always searching for that one person who will fill that void we feel inside ourselves. When we are not able to find them, then we tend to turn to “things” in order to combat against the emptiness. This is something that we all know about but completely forget it when interacting with others.

When someone is rude to us, we immediately think about our feelings and not about theirs. What if they are having a really crappy day? Maybe they got some horrible news and are trying their best to keep it all together? It could also be that the person before you was a total jerk to them and they haven’t had time to move on from that experience. The possibilities are endless but they all have something in common….LOVE


So the next time you are interacting with someone, ask yourself the following:

  • Are you showing them the same love and compassion you would want?
  • Is there something you can do this exact moment to show them that they are loveable or loved?
  • Will a small token of gratitude improve their mood or situation?
  • When this moment is over, will you be leaving a loving and positive impression?

Love can fix a lot of issues in our lives and the world. We must take the time daily to make sure it’s being shared in every aspect of our lives. I know this seems hard but how would you feel if no one showed you love anymore? You would be miserable. I encourage you to be the light within someone’s darkness.
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