Voices of darkness

Voices of darkness

Voices of darkness is a poem explaining what it’s like for me living with depression. This is my personal experience with it. I also have a follow-up poem that shares the other side of it. The link to it will be at the end. Thank you for reading and hope it helps others.


From morning to night every day

Here’s what the voices have to say

Its never been anything positive

Always repeating the negative


Constant reminders of every mistake

Questioning if my life is all a fake

Each day takes me deeper in the hole

Wondering if I will ever be whole


Overwhelmed with feeling of worthless

Telling me that my life is just pointless

Bombarded with thoughts of suicide

Too much to handle so I try to hide


Self worth diminished by every imperfection

That the voices point out in my own reflection

Analyzing everyday every person that I see

Comparing them to the faults within me


Remembering every error from first to last

Never letting me free myself from the past

So consuming that I want to break down and cry

But it has to stay hidden to keep my eyes dry


Rarely I am lucky enough to get a break

An opportunity not sure what to make

I embrace that time to fulfill my desire

Go gather the fuel to feed my internal fire


To read the poem that continues this, click here


  • Hunter K (#)
    March 27th, 2017

    This was a very touching poem. I lost my uncle to depression.

    • Thomas Ives (#)
      March 30th, 2017

      Thank you. I am very sorry for the loss of your uncle.

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