The power of one

There is so much going on in the world today that it can be overwhelming at times. We get the desire to do something about it but then just ignore that inclination because we are just one person. We ask ourselves “What good can one person do about this?”. Whether you believe it or not, the answer is ALOT. Here are three examples of how you can change the world and someone’s life…


Martin Luther King. Gandhi. Rosa Parks. These are just a few of the famous people that helped create change but you don’t have to be famous to make the same kind of impact. All you have to do is reach out to someone in need. It can be as simple as a hug or as complex as getting them out of a serious situation. The point is that you alone can change the life of others by a single act of kindness.

Has anyone taken the time to reach to you and ended up improving your life or situation? There are many people in need that only need that one person willing to help them. The next interaction you have with someone, be sure that it’s a positive one.


Remember how different things used to be in our childhoods. The advancements came from a simple idea by just one person. That one person believed in that idea when no one else did. There are a lot of people today that are doing this same thing and you can be one of them. There are endless needs that can be met by a simple thought or vision.

Do you have an idea to fix a problem in the world today? If you do, don’t ever give up on this idea. There will be a lot of people that will call you crazy, dumb, or even out of your mind. If they do, remind yourself about Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or even Thomas Edison. They were people that never gave up on their idea. Your idea could change our world forever.


Did you know that the one dollar bill is the most valuable piece of currency? If you think I am wrong then answer me this question…How often are you willing to give away your one dollar bill more than the others? Think about it this way…If we all give one dollar to a specific charity or cause, we will be giving them about seven billion dollars.

You have the ability to change the lives of others by donating that one dollar bill you don’t want or need. How many time have we walked past the Salvation Army kettles during the Christmas season and not give them any of our change or small dollar bills? I am bad at doing this too. There are many people that could use that single dollar bill in your pocket and not just during Christmas.

Giving to help others is something that should be done year round. Here are few of my friends that could use your help if you are interested:

Sumayyah Talibah 

Shawna Ainslie

Charlotte Farhan

Courtney Blake

Charli Mills

The world and society will tell you that you have to be famous or have a lot of money to make a difference. I am telling you that the truth is you possess the ability to create the change in our world that you desire to see. The key to making this happen is to surround yourself with people that believe in you and will pick you up when you start doubting yourself. You can achieve whatever your heart and mind desire. Here are some more ways you can make from a previous post. Until my next blog post… Share. Inspire. Conquer.


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