The first step towards change

It is a proven and known fact that a majority of people will stop their resolution within 3 months. The people that actually continue and achieve their resolution are the ones that are able to make the one necessary change needed. Even if you are one of the many that have given up on the resolution, the great news is that you can still make that change. Just like a DVD player, there is a stop button in life but you do have the ability to hit play again.

Good, Bad, and Ugly

Change comes in many different forms, shapes, sizes, etc… It is up to the individual, not society, to determine if it is the correct change for them. You have the power, knowledge, and ability to know if the change that is occurring, right this moment, is the one you want. If not, reassess and start over. If it is, keep doing everything that is making this change possible. The world is flooded with evil daily and it makes negative changes so easy to start. This also makes positive changes require a lot of time, energy, and patience. If you truly want positive change in your life, you will do whatever it takes, NO MATTER WHAT, to make it happen.

Between the Ears

That’s right! The first step towards change lies between your ears. Think about it…how did that bad habit you are doing even start? You made a conscious decision, between your ears, that it was ok and you gave the bad habit life. Now, no matter how big the bad habit has become, you have the authority to banish this habit from your life. To start the process, answer the following questions:

  • Have you had enough of this bad habit?
  • Does the bad habit bother you to your core?
  • Are you ready to take back control?
  • Will you put in 100% effort towards the new you?

If you answered “No” to any of these, then you are not ready yet and should determine why you answered “No”. If you answered “Yes” to all of these, start creating your plan to achieve the new you. Once you have a plan, post it somewhere you will see it every day as a reminder daily.


Having a plan and posting it to be seen daily is great but to truly achieve the new you this is needed. It is proven that the “Buddy system” helps with weight loss. The same goes when making changes in life. Bad accountability leads to bad habits and vice versa. Positive change takes time, so does finding the right positive accountability. Majority of us knows someone in our life that fits this perfectly. When you are ready to make the change, take the time to reach out to them. They will more than likely be honored to help you succeed.

A lot of people use New Years to start the process of change. Whether it is weight loss, finances, or even happiness, they have a desire to make a positive change in their life. If this is true for you, remember that the success of the resolution starts inside your mind. Also, change does not have to begin on January 1, it can start today right now. Having someone help hold you accountable will increase the odds of your success. I hope that this year is better you than the last. Good Luck! Until my next post…Share. Inspire. Conquer. 


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