shattered reflection

Shattered reflection

I hate seeing who’s in the mirror

Some days wishing it would disappear

Other days feeling like it’s a fake

Not sure how much more I can take


Why can others see me as whole

when all I can see is the hole

How can they see the life I gain

when all I can see is the pain


Scars of this life have inspired a few

But have teared me down a time or two

I know I need to face all of my hidden fear

Will I have the strength when they appear


I may act as someone who has it together

But can fall to pieces at the drop of a feather

There’s no way the person I see can be real

and yet still live with the pain I always feel


As I see in the mirror someone who’s worthless

Fighting daily to prove my life isn’t pointless

Determined that setting the real me free feels right

Though outnumbered by the demons I must fight


Each and every morning the process starts again

One of these days I will finally bring it to an end

As soon as I start heading in the right direction

I hope to stop seeing my shattered reflection


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