Searching for your true purpose

Some find it very quickly, like my brother. Then there are some people that search for it their whole life and may never find it. I am talking about purpose. In my opinion, it’s one of the most important ingredients needed for true happiness. Why? Purpose never wears off, gets old, deteriorates, or can be taken away. Once you have a true purpose in life, you have it forever.

My brother is a great example of this. He went through many stages before finding his true purpose. For him, his is repairing diesel engines in heavy equipment. He loves doing it and is excellent at it. He does it so well that a few people have traveled across the country for his opinion. I saw from him that it was possible to find a true purpose but it took me a while. Let’s go on a little journey through all my false purposes.


As a child / teen, I had a desire to make the world better place for all creatures. I could see the destruction that was taking place on the planet and wanted to change it. Reading books and magazines for knowledge of the true impact we were having. Even came up with ideas and inventions that I never followed thru with. I even signed up to a few groups that were already doing good things to help make a change. Even though I am an adult now, I am still concerned about this. I realized long ago that this was a cause close to my heart but it was not my purpose in life.

Motocross racer

Now I know that this is ironic since I have a concern for the planet but I really enjoyed riding a dirt bike. It was so much fun riding the bike fast, taking the turns, and soaring in the air from the jumps. Even though I had never ran in a race, I was practicing and working out to prepare myself in case I ever did have the opportunity to. I was not able to put in the time and effort into this because of my current situations at that time. I soon realized that this was just a hobby that I enjoyed and not my true purpose in life.

PC repair

This is another passion of mine that I have had since seeing my first PC as a child. I am still crazy about computers, other forms of technology and how far we have come since my childhood. I have actually attended college and earned a degree for it, along with an A+ certification also. It was one of my biggest accomplishments in life. It was very hard to get a job in this field because every job opening I found requested at least 3+ years of work experience doing computer repair. I have always helped out my family and friends with their computer issues but this is not what the job openings were looking for.

So I began to think of the possibility of starting my own PC repair business. I came up with a business name, made business cards and even a dedicated email address. Began to post flyers and business cards within the city , along with my family handing out the business cards for me and then….nothing. It was a great idea but the normal consumer will either take their PC to a big box store (BestBuy, Staples, etc…) to fix in or just buy a new one. So I went back to college and found my true purpose.

Web developer and blogger

After I graduated with a degree in this field, I tried to find a job. Once again everyone was looking for experience that I didn’t have or give me a chance. Even though I was frustrated that I had not found my purpose yet, I was still determined. I started to think about what I can give to the world and also made the decision to take as much time as needed to find the answer. Not sure how long it took but I had finally figured out what my purpose was. It was to bring more positivity into a world filled with negativity. I knew this was possible because it’s exactly how my own life is. I am a positive person that encourages others while battling the darkness that comes with my mental illness.

Now that I had my true purpose in life, I started to think about how I was going to do it. I decided to use my new knowledge in website development and create my own site. Started brainstorming many names for it and the winner was Bestowing Fire. Why that name? It is because I believe that my true purpose in life is to give (bestow) light (fire) into the darkness of other’s lives and the world. Through learning and networking, my site has grown to a level that I thought was not possible. I continue to educate myself in hopes of my site growing bigger and better.

Truly thankful for the past failures in my life because I have learned and grown from them. I am happier now than I have ever been even though I have had some very dark times. Just because you may have setbacks throughout life, don’t ever give up on the search for your true purpose. This is the truth and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. There’s a reason you are here on this planet and only you can truly determine what it is. Until my next post…Share. Inspire. Conquer.



  • Gary Mathews (#)
    July 21st, 2016

    Welcome to the WordPress world!

  • Roy Miller (#)
    July 25th, 2016

    Congratulations. What a journey. I like the title of your blog. Very fitting.

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