The real superheros of the world

There are real superheros all around us and we sometimes take them for granted. I am not talking about Spiderman, Superman, or any of the others. I am talking about people that we interact with daily and lack to show them appreciation at times. They also don’t get enough recognition for the amazing work they do. Without them, the world would be worse than it already is.


You overcome so much daily. The challenges of life might seem too big to conquer and yet you wake up everyday determined to be the best. The world and society try to suffocate your life, dreams and passions out of you. The spirit you possess will always outshine the darkness from others. You contain so much strength inside that we can’t see it from the outside.

Your importance is not diminished just because you don’t have children or are not married. It just means that you have a different purpose in life. We are all unique and have our own individual destiny to accomplish. True worth can be found in your accomplishments and what you stand for, not in the things you don’t possess. Stand tall, be strong and conquer the world.


Without you, children would never grow up to be the men / women that our world needs. I am not sure how you are able to handle everything that is thrown at you. From taking care of the family to trying to take care of yourself. At times, it seems as though there are two of you but in reality you are just one person doing the work of many. The weight of everything that needs to be accomplished would crush an ordinary person.

I know that there are times when you feel unappreciated and wonder if anyone see what you do for them. We might not always say it but we see everything you do for us and are in awe of you. The love, compassion and comfort you provide compares to nothing else in the world. The work you do for us and others is nothing short of amazing. Doing those times of self-doubt, always remember that you are truly loved and irreplaceable.

Single mothers

Wow!!! The things you are able to do when the world tells you that you can’t. The challenges that others deal with daily is nothing compared to what you struggle with. Life seems to pull you in so many different direction and you still keep things together. I know that on the inside you are possibly falling apart but you don’t for the sake of the little one(s). I have a lot of respect for you.

There’s no shame in being a single parent. I know that there are stigmas in the world about single mothers but they are all wrong. Be proud of who you are and who your little one(s) will become. When you are about to give up, always remember that you are loved. You are not alone in the struggles. There are many people willing to help you but I know that you got this. Grab the reigns of life and make it go where you want it.

When was the last time you showed your appreciation to one or all of these superheros? It shouldn’t just be on a special day or holiday. It needs to be daily. Where would you be without them? I know that I have come along way because of them. Learning a lot about life from just knowing some superheros and seeing what they can accomplish. I challenge you today to show how grateful you are for them in your life. Do it today because tomorrow might be too late. Until my next blog post…Share. Inspire. Conquer.

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  • Jsackmom (#)
    May 12th, 2017

    Oh this is so beautiful, heartwarming, appreciated beyond words. Thank you so much from a special needs Mom that needed to read these encouraging words. 😊❤

  • Rachel (#)
    June 2nd, 2017

    Thank you for sharing this for #LinkYourLife today! I definitely needed the reminder <3.

  • Shareen Mansfield (#)
    July 18th, 2017

    As usual you are a beautiful soul. Thank you !

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