Never Knew

You never knew that my world is as black as night
Every day is a constant battle that I have to fight
Even though there is a smile on the outside
There is so much darkness that I try to hide

You never knew I wanted to take your helping hands
But can you handle daily what the battle demands
World so dark I can’t see, I can only hear your voice
If I could reach you, I would and then proudly rejoice

You never knew I wanted to accept when you asked please
I didn’t because I don’t want to give you this all-consuming disease
Fear, anger, doubt, loneliness, and unworthiness to name a few
I fight these every minute of every day, how about you?

You never knew of the horrific pain from very bottom to tippy top
I cry, scream, beg and plea for all this pain for once to just stop
I am on my knees, wondering if someone can ever help me
At my wits end, this is not how I wanted my life to be

You never knew that at this very moment, there is an amazing light
It’s brighter than the sun, over powers the darkness and I hear “It’s alright”
I am frozen in shock asking how can this be, its not possible, is it true?
I hear back, cause I can, “Nothing is impossible and I won’t lie to you”

You never knew how I felt to finally see everyone all around me
Surrounding me with love and hope, I fight even harder to be free
Suddenly I hear “Stop!” and a hand proceeds to draw nearer
I hear “Take my hand and I will free you from all the pain and fear”

And as I reach for the hand, I learned the answer that I never knew


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