We need you and your voice

There has been a lot happening since the 2016 election. So much fear, hate and doubt in the world now more than in recent years. We may not know what will truly happen in the future but I do know one thing for sure. It’s that our world needs you, your story and your voice in order to create the positive change that is necessary. I know that this a very difficult thing to do but it’s very important.

Haters gonna hate

This is something we will have to face. The people who came before us that created positive change in the world, endured a lot of hate from others. They could have given up and just accepted that the change they desired was impossible. I am very grateful that they never did that. Each one of them is a reminder of what can be accomplished when we ignore the hate and keep following our dreams.

We had Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr and Gandhi to name just a few people that created the positive change we live with today. You can be one of them today. Don’t just try silencing the hate but also use it to motivate you. It takes just one person to get the ball rolling but it also takes others to help keep it moving in the right direction. It’s time for us to come together for a greater cause.

Spreading love and hope

This is exactly what we are suppose to do in life. Whether we agree or disagree, there should always be love and hope towards the other person. Without you, the process becomes harder and longer to accomplish. Always remember that there are others in your situation but in a much darker place. When they see what you have overcome along with love, it encourages hope in them that they can do it too. Marting Luther King Jr said it best:

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

I am positive there are a lot of people that will love to help and support you. They will be there to join in your accomplishments and also to support you during the rough times. You have a purpose in this life and it’s your job to make it a reality. Others can and will support you but it’s up to you whether the mission is a success. Could you say that you lived a full life knowing that you didn’t finish the main goal?

I know I couldn’t. That’s why our world needs you and your voice now more than ever. It won’t be easy but our greatest accomplishments come during the most difficult times. You have a story that is unique and is something desired by others. The time is now because tomorrow will be too late. I will always be here to support you. Stand strong and let your voice roar…

Until my next blog post… Share. Inspire. Conquer.

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