My Daily Reminder

A piece of string tied to the finger, a daily planner, or even an app on your smartphone that tells you your plans. These are just some of the kinds of reminders people use so that they don’t forget something important. Then there are the type of reminders people use to remind them who they truly are. This can be a picture, quote, bible verse, etc… The picture above is my daily reminder and it has helped me during the recent tough times.

How did I come up with it?

When I finally decided on the name of this website, I wanted to have some sort of a slogan to go with it. I thought about what I wanted this website to be about and started to write several words that related back to it. The three words that stood out to me were: Share Inspire Conquer. These words resonated with me because of the daily battles I have had since I was a teenager. Every time I look at these words, they remind me back to the times that I had suicidal thoughts.

How do these words help?

Every day that I am having a bad day, I just take a second to look down at my wrist and remind myself why I keep battling the daily battles. I truly believe that my purpose in life is in those words. Why else have I not given into the daily battles and just end my life already??? It is because of this wristband that I keep writing my blogs, work on improving this website, and keep pressing on to make a difference. All over the news are stories of people giving into their daily battles, ending their own lives, and this is very sad and heartbreaking. I want to be a positive story of what it looks like to not give in. Yes there are already stories of this happening but there are not enough of them.

What is your daily reminder?

That is a question only you can answer. If you have daily battles of any kind (addiction, mental health, illness, etc…), I urge you to seriously contemplate that question. I am not saying that this will work every time. It is impossible for me to guarantee that. I mean that this can be another tool to use to possibly help during your rough times when you are alone. I understand that what works for me, might not for you and vice versa. What good is a tip/tool if we don’t share it with others?

We all have bad days from time to time. The difference is the people that take the steps to turn that day around. This could either be a child, pet, family, friends, etc… Only you know what it is and need to make the habit of reminding yourself it. Success and happiness is reachable when you stay positive daily. This maybe a difficult habit to start but it is not impossible. Its up to you to start and you can DO IT! Until my next post….SHARE. INSPIRE. CONQUER.


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