Heavy Heart

We all have lost loved ones that we felt had so much more potential than ourselves. We also know friends and family that have had to deal with this type of tragedy with a heavy heart. One of the first thoughts that pops in our minds when this happens is, “Why them and not me?” No one really has the true answer but we can look at it a different way with a different question. We can’t blame ourselves when we are not in control of life. The best way to deal with the pain is to talk to someone.

There are many different ways that people deal with a tragedy that happens very close to them. Some cry and grieve, others shut out their loved ones as they bury the pain deep inside themselves. Then there is that pesky question, “Why them and not me?” We ,as human beings, love to encourage others to be successful where we might fall short. As tragedy happens, we feel that it is very unfair that they were taken so soon and that we would have wanted to be in their place. It is very hard but we can look at this differently.

“What is my true potential?” This is the question we can ask when we are grieving and as we move forward. This can be a tough question to ask yourself and it is the one question that our lost loved ones would want us to answer. Again, we as humans love to encourage others and this is exactly what our loved ones were doing for us while they were here. They want us to continue to be better today than we were yesterday. The best way to help us achieve this is by simply asking ourselves every day, what is my true potential?

We can’t blame ourselves for the tragedy that happened because no matter what we had done, it was still going to happen. You might think that if you had only been there with them that you could have stopped the tragedy. Well the truth is that if you were supposed to be with them at the time of the tragedy, then you would have been there. This is because we are not in control of our lives. Yes we do make choices that affect our lives but if we make a wrong choice we can’t put our lives in reverse and fix our mistake. The true way of dealing with the pain inside is to talk to someone you trust.

Some might turn to alcohol, drugs or some other sort of an addiction to deal with the pain. All this does is numbs it for a short time while we hurt our loved ones. Talking to someone is the only true way of dealing with this great pain that you feel. Talking allows others to feel your pain and help you through these tough times. It also loosens the grip that the pain has on you, so that it doesn’t keep pulling you down into a dark place. We all suffer losses of loved ones in our lives with a heavy heart. The key is to always remember that people care about you and want to help you during the difficult times. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

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