How groups play an important role in your development

There are endless “self-help” books and online courses that we can read till the end of time. These can help us see our life from a different perspective and show us the correct path to take towards our dreams. Once you have read them, the only support and accountability provided is from yourself. After some time, you might give up because the struggle may be too much to handle anymore. This is where a group comes in and fills that void. I know because the group I am part of has improved my overall development.

Before the group…

I created this website a little over 4 years ago with a mission to create positive change in the world. As anything we do that is new, I started off with a lot of energy, ideas and excitement. As time passed, things became frustrating and discouraging. I didn’t have many followers on the Facebook page and not much engagement within the website. I kept writing and sharing positive stuff every day even though it all seemed pointless. Then the most amazing thing happened.

Accepted into a group…

The wonderful Shareen Mansfield found me on twitter and added me to a Facebook group that she had started with her cousin. The group is #LinkYourLife Connection and at first I was very hesitate in participating in the group. This was because I felt I didn’t belong in this group based on the amazing blog posts others were writing. Even though I felt like I couldn’t contribute anything, I stayed in the group to learn about other members. I learned a lot.

This group was exactly what I needed to be successful. The members in this group were like minded and had the same goal. To be compassionate towards others while trying to make a positive change in the world. Even though each member has something they are overcoming, they are also very supportive and excellent in lifting others up when needed. This is just how I am every day. Being accepted into this group was a true blessing and I am grateful for it every single day.

Since then…

I have seen how important my site and the things I write are to others. Any time I forget how important my role is to our world, there is someone in the group to remind me. I have embraced who I am more because of the group. I have found the fire that started this site again. Been able to write some difficult things that happened in the past. Sharing personal experiences to help others understand they are not alone.

I was lucky to have my first guest post on my site.  Decided to use my passion and creativity to design a shirt and coffee mug with all the profits being donated. I plan to increase my designs in order to help reach more people that need the help. I have been fortunate to have others use and promote my hashtag #ShareInspireConquer.

All of this positive development in my life would not be possible without a great group of people. I have gone from feeling alone in my battles of depression / anxiety to accepting my depression / anxiety and using it to help others. None of this would be accomplished without Shareen in my life and the impact she has had on me. I hope that she never forgets about the hope, love and encouragement she gives towards others during their dark time. I also hope she always know how much she is loved and cherished.

If you are not in a group that encourages you to grow positively, I suggest you look for one today. It will have a bigger impact on your personal development and growth. It always allows a safe place for you to seek help from others that can relate to the current problem you are dealing with. I hope you find the same success that I have. Till my next post…Share. Inspire. Conquer.


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