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I can’t do this on my own. Will you help me?

As I write this, my anxiety has been on full throttle for about the last 48 hrs. So many thoughts and emotions constantly flooding my mind. Yes my medication has helped but I can still feel my anxiety raging. I just want to hide under my bed covers and cry myself to sleep but I can’t. I have a voice and purpose that our country and world needs in order for positive change to happen. It’s time for me to dig my feet deeper into the ground and have a louder voice.


Why is this so hard to give to others when it’s the same thing that we desire daily? It drives me crazy. Love is not determined by race, religion, sex or any other characteristic. The saying “Love is Love” is absolutely right. Why can different species live in harmony and we can’t? Are we not supposed to be the most intelligent ones? Now more than ever, we need to put our differences aside and come together.

Our children and their futures depend on us to accomplish this. It’s ok to disagree on issues as long as there is constant dialogue about coming to a solution. It is not about who’s right or wrong. It’s about creating the change that’s needed so that we can continue moving forward. I am scared about the future. Afraid for my friends, family and others that I care about. I will continue to use that fear to fuel my passion. I will be showing more love towards others. Will you help me make this possible by doing it in your life too?


I know what it’s like to be bullied. I was bullied a lot in school and also after I graduated 20+ years ago. With the internet and social media, bullying has increased and is getting out of hand. Suicide rates have increased partly because of it, especially with teenagers. With today’s technology, it’s very hard for someone being bullied to get away from it. The one thing I have learned throughout my life about bullies is that they are filled with fear.

They are afraid of change, looking dumb, being wrong, etc… There is something that they feel inadequate about and they “put up a front” to hide from it. They would rather put others down than deal with their own issues. It takes people standing strong together with the one being bullied to overcome the bully. Once the bully sees that they no longer possess any control over that person they will, generally, leave them alone. I will be finding the courage to stand up with others that are being bullied. Will you help me make this possible by doing it in your life too?


I have found myself lacking this at times just like everyone else. When I do, I take a hard look at my own life and struggles. I see the things that I have overcame and the struggles I still have that no one else does. This is my life and not anyone else’s. It’s incredibly difficult to explain exactly everything I am going through. This also goes for you and everyone else in the world. This is also why empathy is so crucial in improving our country’s and world’s current situation.

Take the time to truly listen to someone instead of you throwing your arms up in the air saying “Whatever!”, “They are lying!” ,” They are wrong!”, etc…  Listen to them with open ears, mind, and heart. I can guarantee that your eyes will be opened to what it truly happening in their life. You might just be moved so much that you will want to stand strong with them. Yes there are evil people in the world but there are so many more that are good people. I will continue to have empathy towards others. I will also work on encouraging others to do the same. Will you help me make this possible by doing it in your life too?

In order for us to achieve the big picture of positive change, it all starts with the small strokes of the brush we make in our own lives. There may be dark times ahead of us but I will be adding more fuel to the fire of my passion. I want my life to bring more light into the world. It can and will be done. You can do the same. If you are already working on creating positive change, leave your website address in the comment section below and I will add it to this blog post. We have to work together to achieve the possible.

Until my next blog post…. Share. Inspire. Conquer.

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