Burning Darkness

It all starts with a spark

To bring light into the dark

With the simple strike of a match

Hope within begins to hatch


The fire begins as a single flame

As we slowly remember our true name

Adding my fears and doubts to the fire

Just fuels my passion and desire


The fire increases and begins to grow

Reminding me what I truly know

That the lies hide in the night

But truth is found within the light

Raging flames cause the ice to melt

Allowing the warmth and love to be felt

Heart and soul being removed from the cold

Allows us to be free from the evil hold


Freedom brings that chapter to an end

How will you have the new one begin?

Written with love, hope and positivity

Or maybe just how a chapter ought to be


Others will begin to notice this new you

Asking how and what they need to do

To bring to life their passion and desire

Never be afraid to bestow your new fire

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