How bringing others in improves healing and progress

There are many of us, including me, that hide behind a wall or mask. It is our first line of defense against the world. We see all the evil people have done to others and we feel the need to protect ourselves from them. We have a lot of pain that we bury from others because we fear they will never understand. We also have a lot of scars that have finally healed or are healing that we don’t want reopened. Its time for us to start letting others in but only on your terms.

Unlocking that door

Behind every wall or mask, there is a door that can be opened for others to walk through and become part of our lives. We have this door bolted, locked and barricaded shut. Thinking that the only way we can keep ourselves truly safe is by never opening that door again… EVER!!!! Yes we may be safe but it is also very lonely there. You are the only person that has the key to open that door. No one in the world has that ability or power.

Every person that is in my life has gone through some sort of a test before I have let them in. Yes even my parents did. It wasn’t a paper test like in school but more like a mental test. It also wasn’t just one test but more like multiple ones over a long period of time. My tests ended after I saw that this person truly embraced the wall I had put up and not try tearing it down. Then that person was worth letting in. I may have only let a few people in but these are people I trust and can share anything with them.

Only when you are ready should you let others in. Don’t do it just because you are lonely. Do it only on your terms. For me, I put a lot of value and consideration into how someone acts towards others. If you can’t respect the difference of others, then you have no place in my life. There are a lot of people in the world that want to be part of your life. They want you to share your story with them because they want to learn from your experiences. There a plenty of good people, we just have to take the time to find them.

Greater than none

Once you have begun to let others in, then life becomes a two way street of inspiration. You will see the good in them and remind them of it during the rough times as they will also do this for you. Life will begin to look brighter and more positive. You might start believing that all your dreams and goals can actually become reality. All of this is possible because you have begun to live life with others and not in solitude.

The people in my life have continually inspired me to keep going. I have been lucky to be able to do the same for them. We each have our own ways of seeing the positive in the lives of others. I was able to help others see things in a different perspective that they never thought of as they have done for me too. If not for them, I would have given up a long time ago and probably wouldn’t be here today.

The reflection you see in the mirror each morning is not how your life truly is. Your life is not about trying to do things alone. Your life is all about inspiring others and turning to them during the rough times. We are not able to fully inspire ourselves without the help of the select few. We are created to bond with others so that goals and dreams can be accomplished.

Let the healing begin

This is sorta tough to write about as I am still in the healing process on some things. That being said, I would not be where am I at today if I didn’t let others in. This is a very difficult and scary step for a lot of us because there is a lot of emotions, pain, and sometimes regret. We don’t want others to know our struggles in fear that we will be mocked, ridiculed, or even abandoned. Not only does it take great strength to make it through each and every day, it also requires great strength to allow others to help us.

There have been many loved ones that have passed away this past year. It has been difficult for me deal with this but my father has helped me out a lot. He has given me great perspective and wisdom about life. We have had several talks in the past too that have helped me tremendously. This is just one of many examples because there have been others that have helped me. Every person in my life has helped me conquer a particular struggle and begin the healing process.

What are your struggles? What is one thing that you would love to remove from your life? I am pretty sure that someone in your life can help you with that. If not, I am confident that there is someone willing to help you but you won’t let them in. Think about how our own bodies heals itself. It takes many steps for our bodies to heal from a simple cut. Same thing goes for our struggles, it takes not just you but the inclusions of others to conquer them.

I truly understand the dangers of letting others in behind our walls or masks. I also know that there are people who have gone through some really horrible things. You are not alone and were never alone in your struggles but you have to let a selected few in so that life can be better. If you don’t let them into your safe space, then they are not able to help you. Don’t ever let someone poison your safe space either. My safe space is not only where I hide my struggles but its also the place where I protect the love and compassion I have for every single person. Yours might be different. You are the key holder to the door that someone is knocking on. Will you let them in or keep them out? Until my next blog post…Share. Inspire. Conquer.

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