chain breaks

Break Free

We carry so much weight on our shoulders

As big as mountains or small like boulders

It prevents us from our happiness and joy

Wanting it gone simply like donating a toy


There is a way for us to make the weight lighter

But you will have to continually be a fighter

It’s not something you can do just one day

Thinking it’s all gone and everything is ok


Depression and anxiety attached to us by chains

Along with sadness, regret, and all of our pains

Freedom is found through the door labeled “Exit”

Only you and not your chains is able to pass through it


You possess the ability to make the chains disappear

It’s actually easier to do than it may appear

We make it difficult because we become so afraid

What our life will be once the change has been made


Now that you know, are you doing it or going to ignore

Having gotten this far to be standing in front of the door

There’s nothing to fear because love is on the other side

This is a decision that only you, no one else, can decide


It’s time for you to break free!!!



  • Anne (#)
    October 24th, 2016

    poignant words, if only we could all break free.

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