Best friend

Some people have one or two
Others have more than just a few
We then pick one out of the crowd
Because only one good friend is allowed

We introduce them by a new name
“This is my best friend” without shame
They say that if you live through life with one then
You have lived life to the fullest till the end

But wait; there is one final person that we don’t recognize
It is someone who is present all through our lives
This someone is God and he can understand
That him as a friend is something we can’t comprehend

Sometimes they might be too busy to talk
Or even join you on a short walk
God on the other hand is always free
You can always talk to him wherever you may be

When you are scared or lonely, where are they then?
At work, school, or maybe they went out again
But with God as one you have nothing to fear
Because no matter what happens he will always be near

A best friend is someone who will be there all the time
No matter if it is day or night, rain or shine
You need to have a companion in your life till the end
So I ask you, Who is you best friend?


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