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An Exit Within Chaos

We all have bad days but there are some of us that are consumed by an evil force. The evil force I am talking about here is anything that is stopping them from being the true person that they are. They make a decision every morning, “Accept it or Fight it”. That decision affects the choices they make throughout the day. If this is you, I want you to know that there is a way out of the chaos.

We all have a purpose in life and a passion that burns inside each of us. Unfortunately, there are others that have been consumed by an evil force. This evil can be any kind of mental, physical, or emotional battle that they fight with everyday that cause them not to be their true self. This evil has reduced their fire of passion to a smolder, overwhelming them with great darkness and despair. A very important decision needs to be made every morning in order to reignite the fire.

Accept it or Fight it?

You must answer this question every morning. It may seem like a silly question to you but to someone in a daily battle it is a very important and powerful question. This answer determines whether there will be fuel added to their fire or not. It also determines the difference between “I have” and “I battle with” when talking about the evil force. I encourage you to choose “Fight it” every morning for this will help you throughout the day.

We all make decisions every day, big and small. The one in the morning, “Accept it or Fight it”, is the most important because it will determine the amount of success you have that day. If you decide to “Fight it” every morning, then you will be determined, motivated, confident, and walk with your head up. This is because you have it set in your mind that you will not let this evil force determine who you are. At first, it will be hard to achieve this because the evil force is so strong. As each day passes that you make the correct decision it will become easier and natural because you have become stronger than it.

There is a way out of this chaos that this evil force has created. It is up to you and you must take the first step in deciding to “Fight it” every morning. You are a very powerful person that can overcome anything. You need to fuel the fire of your passion, for this will show you the way out of the darkness. We all have a story to tell, don’t let the evil force write it for you. Until my next blog post…Share. Inspire. Conquer.


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