3 lessons from children

There are many lessons told to us throughout our lives that we can learn from. Some of these lessons can impact the decision to change our lifestyle. The lessons can come from quotes / sayings of famous people, a book we read, the news, etc. Surprisingly, there are three important lessons that we all can learn from the children in our lives. These are lessons that we need to relearn so that we can succeed in our lives. Let’s take a look at each one.

Universal Friendship

Next time you go to a park, take a moment and watch the children play. If the adults are
not interfering, you will see that the children don’t care about color, race, religion, wealth, or any other stereotype. All they care about is that you are nice to them and want to play along. Children want to build friendships with other children because this makes them happy in life. No child really wants to play alone because they know that this gets boring real fast. Children want to share the fun and excitement with other children, the more children involved the better. The lesson here is that we need to look beyond the stereotypes and create friendships with everyone. Having more friendships means that there are more people in your life to share and celebrate the successes in your life.

Nothing is Impossible

It is a known fact that children have the wildest imaginations. To them a stick can be a
sword, rocket, bridge, or whatever else they want it to be. Good guys can be bad guys and vice versa. Sometimes, they tell us a story or an idea from their imagination and we, as adults, chuckle because we think it is not possible. What makes it not possible? A lot of the inventions that we enjoy today were created by people that followed through on their imagination. Children do not know the word “Impossible” until we teach them it. The lesson here is to follow your dream till completion and that nothing is truly impossible. Ignore the chuckles along the road to your success because you will have the last laugh in the end.

Everyone is Important

Children know that every single one of their friends and family are important to them. If someone is laughing, they will laugh also to share in the happiness. If someone is crying, they will give a hug or cry also because they share in the sadness too. They notice when someone is missing and need to know where they are. They tend to enjoy buying presents for others more than buying for themselves. Children know that they need adults to learn, grow and thrive. The lesson here is that we need everyone and everyone needs us. We need others in our lives to help us learn from mistakes, support us in our time of need and encourage us along the way. It is pointless to reach the finish line with no one to celebrate it with.

Children are blessed with the ability to see through our personas and see us for who we
are. Why can’t adults do the same thing? Everyone is a child but in a grown up body, right? We are not able to accomplish and overcome the impossible alone. We were not designed or created for solitude. Encouraging you to relearn one of these lessons today and change your life for success. Until my next post…Share. Inspire. Conquer.

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